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We’re stronger together – join the Student Union

At the University of Skövde, there is a Student Union that represents the students. The Student Union is run by students, for students, and works with issues that affect students at the University.

Staff at The Student Union.

The Student Union listens to you

Your education represents one of the biggest and most important investments of your life. It is therefore important that you get as much as possible out of your studies, and that you feel satisfied with your education. This is where the Student Union comes in. The Student Union ensures that the investment you are making is worthwhile in the long term, and the Union listens to your views and opinions. You have the right to exert an influence over your studies – the Student Union is here to help you with this.

Several full-time workers at the Union

The Student Union at the University of Skövde (SiS) is a non-profit organisation that is run democratically by its members, and all who study here have the opportunity to become members. The Student Union as a whole is represented by the Union Board, which is composed of a number of Board Members who are elected by the members of the Student Union. Two of these – the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Student Union – work on a full-time basis in order to exert student influence.

The various sections and roles of the Student Union

As a student, you know more than most about the University’s educational and learning environment. You know what works well, as well as where there is room for improvement. This is where the Student Union’s five different sections come in, and they can be seen as the eyes and ears of the Student Union within the various schools. These sections work to collate the students’ opinions concerning their education, and convey these to the relevant members of staff. Another role of the Union’s sections is to ensure that parties and other social activities are organised, both on and away from the campus.

Meetings at the Boulogner Student Union House

The Student Union House is the obvious meeting place for students at the University of Skövde. The Boulogner Student Union House is situated just a stone’s throw from the campus, and it is run and managed by a part of the Student Union called Skövde Sexmästeri. Pub nights and club activities are organised here every week – by students and for students.

There’s more to student life than just studying

The Student Union maintains that your time at the University is not just about what you are studying. It is also important that all other aspects of your life work well, such as having good accommodation and meaningful activities. The Student Union therefore works with rent negotiations, monitors student housing, and arranges activities and parties. The Student Union works to improve the overall situation of all students.

Join the Union

Being a member of the Student Union at the University of Skövde helps you to enjoy, and contribute to, a better student life. You will also be supporting the Union’s work to safeguard your education and to ensure you get the most out of your time here.
As a member of the Student Union, you can make your voice heard. Membership of the Student Union at the University of Skövde costs SEK 300 per year, or SEK 600 for three years. For more information and to pay your membership fees, please visit (in Swedish).

Published: 12/9/2019


The Student Union
070-717 08 86
F Building, 2nd floor

The sections

Safir - Business

Vitae - Health Sciences and Biosciences

Skills - Informatics

ESS - Engineering Science

Skösjuk - Nurses