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Welcome to the Study Support Centre

Have you got stuck with your writing? Or do you want to improve the way you express yourself in writing? In the Study Support Center you can get help to develop your academic writing, both in Swedish and English.

Detaljbild på växt med lampa i bakgrunden.

We can help you with language, style, structure, the writing process, study strategies and how to refer to sources.

The sooner you contact us the better to be able to develop your academic writing.

The aim of the Study Support Center is to give students help to self-help. We go through the text together with you so that you learn and understand what you need to concentrate on.

You can also discuss ideas and thoughts about how best to conduct your studies and how you can approach various tasks.

If your mother-tongue is not Swedish, you can get advice about how to develop your language skills.

The Study Support Centre offers help and guidance with:

  • Language, style and structure
  • The writing process
  • Study strategies
  • Referencing

The Study Support Centre does not help with:

  • Proof-reading
  • Advice concerning subject content
  • Translation


Please send an email to the Study Support Center for questions and to book an appointment. Due to the pandemic, all tutoring will take place digitally via Zoom. When you have been given an appointment, we will send you a link which will give you access to the Zoom room.


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Published: 1/17/2020

Study Support Centre


Staff – Study Support Centre

  • Birgit Persson
  • Sara Sjöström
  • Rhonwen Bowen
    Senior Lecturer in English, Ph.D./Tutor