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Regulations pertaining to application for exemption from prerequisites/requirements for programme course

Certain circumstances may constitute a basis for exemption from the formal prerequisites/requirements for a programme course. The University of Skövde may, according to HF, 7 Ch. 3 §, make this exception for a student. The exemption is possible if the applicant, without the formal prerequisites/requirements, can demonstrate the ability to pass the course the exemption is applied for.

Information from the Admissions Office

For your application to be processed it is required that during the current semester are conditionally admitted (or an application has been made by the Admissions Office) to the course for which you apply for exemption. Your application must be complete regarding mandatory required information. A motivation for the application must be submitted. Social, financial or health reasons are not valid. Ensure that you have filled out your application correctly before submitting.

If you are granted exemption you must register for the course at the Student portal.


The decision is communicated by E-mail.

Appeal rejection of application

If your application is rejected, you can lodge a written appeal against the decision to the Higher Education Appeals Board. State which decision you wish to appeal and submit a motivation. The appeal should be addressed to the Higher Education Appeals Board, but sent to the University of Skövde (postal address to the right).

Published: 3/15/2024

Phone hours Admission

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10:00–11:30

Phone: 0500–448200


Postal Address

University of Skövde
Admissions Office
Box 408
541 28 Skövde