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Studentportalen - Version 1.3

Studentportalen was updated on 1 February 2019 to version 1.3.


  • Fixed a problem with logging in from the English start page
  • Accessibility - Added functionality to allow screen readers to react to new notifications
  • Student messages
    • Archived messages are no longer shown on the list page
    • Removed an obsolete “last updated” date on the list page
    • A link to the list page is only shown if more than 3 messages exist
  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission, spelling etc.

My profile

  • Freestanding course students may now print a security card application directly after registering, thus not having to wait until course start
  • Corrected the date format on the access card application
  • Added a link ”Software for students” where certain software is available for download

My studies

  • Courses - A summary of registered credits per semester is now available
  • Results - All course units are now displayed even if no results are yet available

Examination sign-up

  • Sign-up notifications should no longer appear for discontinued courses
  • Fixed a problem with displaying the sign-up status for courses with a high amount of possible participants, resulting in no feedback on a successful sign-up and an error message on additional attempts
  • Initiated improvements of performance to decrease loading times

Known issues

  • Results on certain course units are not always properly displayed for older courses under My studies > Results, the total credit summary should however be correct. If any results seem to be missing, please check the course page under My studies > Courses
  • Performance problems on the examination sign-up page (should be improved in this version, but needs further improvement)
  • Students following an education instance where credits are not entered (e.g. a doctoral thesis for Doctor Degree students) cannot view My studies

Planned for the next release

  • First and foremost resolving the issues mentioned above
Published: 2/1/2019