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Studentportalen - Version 1.5

Studentportalen was updated on 21 March 2019 to version 1.5.


  • Changed the ”Retrieve account”-link to the English version of that page
  • Student messages - Fixed the layout when there are fewer than three current messages
  • Notifications - Fixed the design of ”completed” notifications (e.g. signed up for an examination)
  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission, spelling etc.

My studies

  • Results - Exchange studies will no longer be displayed as unfinished when completed
  • Course page - Compiled results and teacher comments from the previous course instance is now available
  • Course page - Additional information is now displayed (e.g. location, code and specialization of programmes taking the course)
  • Course page - Adjusted to display basic information (results and previous examinations not included) without requiring login or registration, e.g. allowing direct links from the learning platform

Examination sign-up

  • Examination support - Addressed an issue regarding extra time requests
  • Examination support - Choosing at least one type of support is now required before the form may be sent

My profile

  • Address - Improved validation when entering postal code

Planned for the next release

  • Notifications - Hide outdated notifications (examination sign-up after the examination date, results after 2 months etc.)
  • Schedule - Link to a new schedule view ”My upcoming examinations” displaying written examinations on all of your ongoing and unfinished courses (if you have a remaining examination on a previous course that for some reason should not appear for sign-up)
  • My studies, Results - Find and correct the cause of some results being displayed on an old examination set
Published: 3/21/2019