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Studentportalen - Version 1.4

Studentportalen was updated on 20 February 2019 to version 1.4.


  • Added restrictions to which file types are included during search to e.g. avoid pictures in the search result
  • Calendar - The link ”View all” is now only displayed when there are more current events than those visible on the start page
  • Responsiveness - Improved behaviour of the notifications service on tablet
  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission, spelling etc.

My studies

  • Students following an education instance where credits are not entered (e.g. a doctoral thesis for Doctor Degree students) should now be able to view My studies
  • Results - Fixed a bug that caused certain completed examinations to not be properly displayed
  • Course page - Addressed an issue causing the wrong number of credits to be displayed for older courses
  • Course page - Improved navigation: Changed the link ”Back to My studies” to ”Back to the previous page” due to the course page being available from the registration page as well as My studies

Examination sign-up

  • Additional improvements of performance to decrease loading times

Planned for the next release

  • My studies, Results - Improving the results view for exchange students, where currently the exchange semester remains as ”Unfinished” even when completed
  • Course page - Clarifying some of the course details (e.g. indicating the specialisation of programmes taking the course)
  • Course page - Displaying the latest course report, allowing for follow-up of improvements from the previous course instance
  • My studies, Results - Displaying results categorized as ”Other results”, e.g. courses within third cycle studies
Published: 2/21/2019