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Studentportalen - Version 1.27

Studentportalen was updated on 11 November 2020 to version 1.27.


  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission etc.


  • You will now be notified when the compiled result of a course evaluation is available

My studies

  • Course page – Fixed a problem where results and previous examinations for re-registered courses did not show after a course instance had been selected


  • My profile – Improved error handling and validation when changing contact and address information
  • Schedule – Better screen reader support
  • Schedule – Increased link visibility in the right column, no links should open in a new window
  • Readable url for all links (especially in the footer)
  • Link arrow symbol (or equivalent) to emphasize links
  • Discontinued courses – Link texts, labels and focus indicator
Published: 11/16/2020