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Studentportalen - Version 1.2

Studentportalen was updated on 19 December 2018 to version 1.2.


  • Accessibility - Made sure that the interaction area of interactable objects are of sufficient size (e.g. expandable items in the main menu)
  • Accessibility - All information and functionality should now be accessible through keyboard navigation
  • Accessibility - ”Image buttons” (e.g. examination sign-up and registration) should now be correctly recognized by screen readers
  • Accessibility - All expandable areas (e.g. menues and results under My studies) have been adjusted for accessibility, including properly visible focus during keyboard navigation
  • Fixed a bug causing student messages on the start page to not display previous messages when newer ones had been unpublished
  • Language switch on mobile devices now leads to the corresponding page instead of the start page
  • Added a main menu link to the webmail on mobile devices
  • The English start page now leads to the English login page
  • Clarified that programme syllabuses are available primarily in Swedish, but also as an English translation
  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission, spelling etc.

Course registration (new service!)

The service is available through My studies or the main menu. You will be notified when course registrations are available and for how many credits. Remember to click on “Register” when you have added your courses. When registration is complete a confirmation will be sent to your student e-mail.

Before launching this service the following bugs where solved:

  • Courses spanning multiple semesters (continued registrations) now only add the current semester’s credits to the credit summary
  • Registration is now prohibited if there is an upcoming suspension during the course period
  • Courses without registration period are no longer displayed
  • Fixed courses to no longer be displayed after the registration period
  • Made sure that credits are properly summarized
  • Registrations may now only be completed during the registration period
  • Updated behaviour and appearance of the Add button

Examination sign-up

  • Notifications concerning examination sign-up will no longer be created for passed courses/examinations
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong cursor to be displayed before sign-up
  • Updated behaviour and appearance of the Sign up button

Known issues

  • Students following an education instance where credits are not entered (e.g. a doctoral thesis for Doctor Degree students) cannot view My studies
  • General minor issues regarding e.g. language, search, aesthetics and function in different browsers and devices

Planned for the next release (sample)

  • Accessibility - Allow screen readers to react to new notifications
  • My studies, courses - Summarize registered credits per semester
  • My studies, results - Display all course examinations even if no results have been reported (if possible without impairing the performance of My studies)
Published: 12/19/2018