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Studentportalen - Version 1.1

Studentportalen was updated to version 1.1 on 23 November 2018.


  • Accessibility - Improved screen reader support (buttons, Search, My profile, notifications etc.)
  • Accessibility - Easier to navigate with a keyboard
  • Accessibility - Added an option to skip to page content
  • Solved an issue with system status not being displayed on the Search and Examination sign-up pages
  • System status messages now correctly links to the English version of the message
  • Made sure that expired student messages are not displayed on the start page
  • General fixes regarding security, data transmission etc.


  • Solved a problem with dates not being displayed in the correct order for some students that previously participated in a programme not available in TimeEdit
  • Fixed a bug that caused all schedule activities to be expanded by default in Today’s schedule
  • Corrected the link to TimeEdit for students who have participated in a course or programme not available in TimeEdit
  • Course schedules (from My studies > Courses) now properly links to the English version of the schedule

Examination sign-up

  • Solved an issue regarding feedback when signing up
  • Fixed examinations on completed components/courses to not appear for sign-up

Known issues

  • Notifications for examination sign-up are displayed for already completed courses/examinations
  • Students following an education instance where credits are not entered (e.g. a doctoral thesis for Doctor Degree students) cannot view My studies
  • General minor issues regarding e.g. language, search, aesthetics and function in different browsers and devices
Published: 11/23/2018