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Covid-19: Precautions taken towards keeping campus safe

We are so glad to have students back at the University again. The University takes various precautions to make the campus as safe as possible. If we keep distance from each other and follow the recommendations we will have nice autumn semester.

Since June 15, the Swedish government has allowed campus-based education again. During the autumn semester, as much education as possible will be given on site at the University. To return to campus the University, of course, follows the recommendation of the Swedish Public Health Agency. Therefore some teaching, especially with regard to larger groups of students, will be given remotely.


The University has taken a number of measures to ensure that the return to campus is as safe as possible for both students and staff. Since this spring, the University has extended cleaning of the facilities and there will be hygiene stations located on the premises. There will be plexiglass shields at all receptions and please, keep a distance no matter what reception you visit.

There can easily be queues, especially at the beginning of the semester. Since it may be crowded in front of the desk at the Library, it is possible to chat online with the staff. In order to make it easier to keep distance from each other, the Library also has limited the number of students who can sit in the group rooms.

Student support both online and on campus

Our Study and Career Counsellors offer some drop-in hours online, so you can receive help without having to come to the front desk. You can also chat online with the student- and career counsellors, and at the Student Health Service. You can also book an appointment if you want to have a personal meeting, online or on site. Remember to keep your distance when you visit our various support services.

Distance shows consideration and responsibility

At the University there are signs and digital monitors to remind you not to forget to wash your hands frequently and keep your distance. You should stay at home if you have the smallest sign of illness or go home immediately if you start to feel bad during the day.

It is important that we act together to ensure that the return to campus will be as good, safe and secure as possible for both students and staff. It is about taking responsibility for how we behave and follow the recommendations. Keeping your distance is to show concern for your fellow students, the staff and not least for yourself. Together, we must help reduce the spread of the Corona virus.
We are in this together – we do it together. On campus and elsewhere.

Limitation of the number of students in classrooms and use of vacant rooms

In order to maintain social distance, we strive to allow only half the number of people normally allowed inside classrooms and allow not more than 50 people at the same time, inside larger classrooms. There is a sign outside of each room stating how many people are allowed inside at the same time.

Lecture halls and group rooms that are not booked for teaching can be used by students to avoid congestion at, for example, lunchtime. You can use vacant lecture halls if you and your fellow students have group work, to be able to keep distance.

New routines at exams

With regard to the on-campus exams, a number of measures have been taken to ensure that they are conducted safely and securely for both students and staff. The distance between seats will be increased and there will be earlier inlets to reduce the risk of queues and crowds. If you do not feel well, stay at home and students who show disease symptoms may be rejected. Some exams may also be given in other forms or remotely.

Above are some of the precautions the University of Skövde has taken to make campus feel safe and secure for you, all our other students and staff. But most important of all, we do it together. Keep your distance and follow the recommendations!

Welcome to the University of Skövde!

Updated: 9/17/2020 8:52:06 AM
Published: 7/6/2020