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Transcripts after completed studies

In order for you to receive your transcript and other documents after your time as an exchange student at the University of Skövde, there are some steps you must take.
  1. You must change your address by 1 February (for autumn semester exchange periods) or 15 June (for spring semester exchange periods) to your permanent address in your home country.
    In Studentportalen click on "My profile" and then klick on "Edit information".

  2. A transcript will automatically be sent to students who filled in an envelope during the end of term meeting.
    Autumn semester: March 2 – March 18
    Spring semester: July 8 – July 23
    The grades are sent this late due to the possibility that teachers are still reporting grades during this time. In cases where there are many parts to a course, the final grade for the course will be reported 1 – 2 weeks after the last grade of the course has been reported.

  3. NOTE! No grades will be sent automatically to your home university. Your university or you can order transcripts to be sent to your university at

    It is your responsibility to inform your home university of this.
    Please observe that your university needs to know your personal number/student ID at the University of Skövde in order to receive the grades. They are welcome to order for all their students at once

  4. If you take a re-examination and recevie new credits, you can order a new transcript when the credits are reported by visiting
    This will not be sent to you automatically.

Before leaving

  1. You can go to the Student Affairs Office - Studentservice (House E, second floor) and receive a transcript with the grades you have received so far. You can also create verifiable transcripts via Studentportalen.

  2. If you need course plans (syllabi) in English, make sure you get these from Studentportalen or your teacher before you go back home.
Published: 2/17/2020