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Have you decided not to complete the programme / course you are registered on? Then you must report a drop-out.

Notification of drop-out can only be made during an ongoing education. If you do not enter a date for drop-out, the date we receive your email is also counted as a drop-out date.

What is a drop-out?

Drop-out means that you are deleted from current participant lists and address lists from the date of the drop-out. Information about the drop-out is also entered into the computer-based study documentation system (LADOK).

Note! Keep in mind that an application for a drop-out is a definite decision to end an education – no examination (eg re-examinations or assignments) may be made after the date of the drop-out.  If you have study grants, you must also notify CSN of the drop-out.

Approved credits remain in LADOK

The credits that you have passed during your study time on the program / course are not affected, but remain in LADOK.

Can I take the course later?

If the drop-out is made within three weeks from the start of the course (and you have not taken any credits), it is regarded as an early drop-out and you can apply for the course again in competition with other applicants. If the drop-out has been made more than three weeks after the start of the course, you cannot be admitted to the course again. If there are seats available, you can re-register for the course by contacting the course coordinator.

How to report drop-out

Drop-out must be made by sending an email to

Published: 7/15/2022

Contact the Admissions Office

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